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Instructors (師範 & 先生) 

Ken Maxwell


Ken is the leader of the Elkins West Virginia.


Yodan, began his karate practice in 1971 as an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh training directly under Mr. Sadaharu Honda. 


Senior Mr. Tsutomu Ohshima awarded Mark his Shodan (1st Degree) Nidan (2nd Degree) and Sandan (3rd degree) ranks.  Mark was awarded his Yodan (4th Degree) and Godan (5th Degree) rank from Sadaharu Honda, Bob Bakos, and Paul Kovacs.

Dr. Weingarden is a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in Oral Surgery.  


Mark is the Chief Instructor of the Carnegie Mellon University Mumon Karate Club. 

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