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About Mumon

Mumon Shotokan Karate was founded for the purpose of teaching Karate for the Martial Artist who is in prusuit of budo.


Budo is karate as a way of life. Karate that infiltrates every aspect of ones life in pursuit of mastery. This karate is sophisticated and goes beyond belts and points, but addresses mastery at a level that transcends style. Truely authentic karate that is lethal and controlled, and doesn't seek submission.

Sport Karate

Competitive Karate where Karateka are judged in specific aspects of karate such as kumite (sparring), kata (form), and kihon (techniques)

Often arranged in tournaments, and can be good for developing the karateka, but limited in its scope for safety reasons.


Karate that is done for show. This form maybe very fancy and fun, but can be dangerous if used for true self-defense as techniques are modified for show and not for effectiveness.

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