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Mastery Classes:  

Mid-month and End-of Month Practices


Twice a month, Mumon Karate offers Mastery Classes are taught by our Godan's.

These classes are Advanced Karate and focus on developing Black Belts into Mastery level Karate. 


In order to participate in Practices, a rank of Black Belt (Shodan) or above is required.

Those ranked below Brown are encouraged to come watch the Advanced Practice.

Pre-registration is required to satisfy Security requirements.

  • Membership not required

  • Black belts and above

  • Age 18+

  • Requires Registration & Approval

  • $25 per practice -  non members

Irimi (入り身) is the act of entering straight into a technique, as opposed to the more indirect entrance into technique called tenkan. In basic training, irimi usually looks like a step forward, straight or at an angle but usually ending with the body facing the attacker, rather than in the direction of the step. To enter with irimi, the defender needs to move in the very moment of the attack or even himself initiate it.

Irimi is the most ideal move, the ultimatum of Karate movement, that takes advantage of Sen No Sen, Ahead of, ahead in body, mind and technique, in perfect harmony. Irimi once mastered, gives the maximum advantage to a defender the counter measures of all sorts towards aggressor.

Mr. Honda demonstrates Irimi practice in this video. It is important to receive instruction on how to practice and feedback on how to master this critical element of martial arts. The web is full of videos with incorrect demonstrations. 


Effective Irimi can be the difference between show and self-defense.

Who should learn Irimi? 

Blackbelt and above

Join our Advanced Practices to learn and master Irimi.

Nage no waza

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