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Mumon Belt Ranks

Each martial arts school can have a different ranking system. Mumon Karate uses the following ranking systems for Youth and Adult karateka.



The Mumon Karate accepts students starting at age 6 through 17.


Ranking is as follows:

8 Kyu - White

7 Kyu - Yellow

6 Kyu - Orange

5 Kyu - Green

4 Kyu - Green


3 Kyu - Brown

2 Kyu - Brown

1 Kyu - Brown


Testing for Black Belt is conducted at an ADULT level. A student must be 18 years or older to be considered an ADULT.



In 1924, Master Funakoshi adopted the Kyū / Dan rank system and the uniform (keikogi) developed by Kano Jigoro, the founder of Judo. This system uses colored belts (obi) to indicate rank.


The ranking used by the Mumon Karate is:

8th to  6th kyū - White
5th to  4th kyū - Green
3rd to  1st kyū - Brown
1st and higher Dan - Black

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