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Since Mr. Honda's arrival to the US from Japan in 1962, he has taught thousands of students, and his students have taught many others. Today that group has grown, and we call ourselves Mumon Shotokan. We are still committed to teaching Shotokan-style Karate to those interested in Master Funakoshi's martial art school Shotokan, and the pursuit of way of the martial arts, Budo.


Our ability to educate practitioners has always been a function of access to instructional space (dojos). We continue to increase our number of locations to provide access, and with today's technology we are able to expand instruction through other channels.


In order to pay for dojo space, we rely on mumon membership dues to cover the costs. Our ability to introduce new dojos and novel access, is dependent upon generous donations from members, friends and family, and those who have a genuine appreciation for the martial art we teach and what it has given them.


Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Mumon Inc is tax exempt 501(c)3

EIN: 83-1865721

Tax Deductable

You may deduct charitable contributions per the IRS.

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