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Instructors (師範 & 先生) 

Chuck Moyes


Chuck Moyes, Yodan, began his karate practice as a student at Duquesne University in 1968.  With so many karate schools popping up at the time he believes he was fortunate to have discovered sensei Sadaharu Honda. “He adds an authenticity and knowledge of Karate-do that others lack.”


Mr. Sadaharu Honda awarded Chuck the rank of Yodan (fourth degree Black Belt) in May 2022, at Mt Lebanon Recreation Center, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.


Chuck taught karate-do to college students at Duquesne University of Pennsylvania where he served as an under-grad captain 3 years. He also served as Secretary for the AAU Appalachian region on behalf of SKA when karate was being introduced to the Olympic games in 1976.


He trained with other styles being exposed to Taekwondo as well as Gracie Ju-jitsu.  Chuck says, “Training with these other styles has given me a greater appreciation for the budo philosophy introduced by Sadaharu Honda.” Mr. Honda’s knowledge, and his legacy are an integral part of the historical and cultural development of Karate-do.   


Currently he trains at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He serves as one of two principal instructors at the CMU club.  


Chuck is a board member of the Mumon Karate, Inc., whose goal is sustaining the traditions and values of Karate-do.

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