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Karate at CMU

CMU Karate Club is one of the earliest clubs on the East Coast. Started in the mid 1960's and ran through the early 2000's under the leadership of Sadaharu Honda and his students.

  • CMU Student Dan Sullivan and Dr. Marty Eisen (Prof. Mathematics @ University of Pittsburgh) start CMU Karate Club 

  • 1968 Mr. Honda invited by fellow Waseda University graduate Mr. Kazumi Tabata to help with the first Special Training.

  • 1969 Mr. Kazumi Tabata asks Mr. Honda to resume CMU Karate Club as leader and chief instructor.

  • Pittsburgh Shotokan Karate Association not-for-profit registered in 1972 by CMU student Ray Artz and Mr. Honda

  • Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh, California University of Pennsylvania, and Duquesne University produce some of the highest level Karate Masters from the guidance and instruction of Master Sadaharu Honda.

2020 Captain Emeline Fromont (Physics)




Why Mumon?

CMU Karate Club

  • Free to join

  • No equipment required

  • High-quality instruction from high-level instructors

  • 2x per week

  • Opportunities to test for belts a minimum of 2x per year

Why Karate?

Provides great value to those engaged in academic rigor

  • Invigorate your energy

  • Master your mind

  • Build muscle and strength

  • Learn self defense

  • Engage in an invaluable life-long activity for any age

New session begins January 2020 

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CMU KARATE, a rich history

Carnegie Mellon in 1990's, led by Professor Mark Cincuitti (right) and  Rahul Suthankar CMU graduate (left)







2017 CMU Graduate Dr. Tadanobu Furukawa, Shodan 

CMU Students learning knife hand & back stance

Special Training @ CMU


Carnegie Mellon in 1968 - Mr. Honda (far right)

Dr. Mark Weingarden (Yodan)

CMU Coach 

Mumon Connections

CMU Karate Club Members get the advantage of connections to other reputable Karate organizations.

  • Nippon Budokan (日本武道館) - Budo University Exchange Program

  • Waseda University - Karate Club Exchange Program

  • North American Collegiate Karate Conference (NACKC) - Exchange with Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Tufts, and Wellesley

  • American Budo Consortium - Reputable Budo organizations throughout the world

  • Hokubei Shihankai (Japanese Masters in the USA) - Reputable shihans throughout the US, connect to continue your martial arts.


Mumon delegation at Budokan 2019

Mr. Honda's delegation at Budokan 2017

Nippon Budokan & University

The Nippon Budokan was funded by the Emperor of Japan to serve as the central organization for the promotion of Japanese Budō.


Budō is a form of Japanese physical culture that has its origins in the ancient tradition of bushidō – literally, “the way of the warrior.” Practitioners of budō develop technical martial skills while striving to unify of mind, technique and body; to develop their character; to enhance their sense of morality; and to cultivate a respectful and courteous demeanour. Thus, budō serves as a path to self-perfection. Budō as a general term refers to the modern Japanese martial arts disciplines comprised of jūdō, kendō, kyūdo, sumō, karatedō, aikidō, shōrinji kempō, naginata, and jūkendō.

© 2014 The Japanese Budō Association

Mumon at Budokan 2019


Waseda University Karate Club and Alumni Club

Mumon Seniors after training with Waseda University Alumni Club 2019

Waseda University Karate Club in Japan founded by Master Funakoshi in 1931. 


Karate found great purchase at Waseda because of the type of student the University enrolls. 

Waseda was o'sensei's manifestation of Modern Karate after years of evolution from To-de and traditional Okinawan martial arts.

Instruction by Master Funakoshi and Yoshitaka Funakoshi (Gigo - Master's 3rd son)

Notable Alumni in order of graduation. Each exceeded rank and are recognized Masters.

    Hiroshi Noguchi, First Waseda Captain
    Shigeru Egami
    Toshio Kamata-Watanabe
    Tadao Okuyama
    Matsuo Shibuya 

    Tsutomu Ohshima & Mitsuke Harada

    Sadaharu Honda

    Kazumi Tabata

Mumon Seniors instructing Waseda University Karate Club 2017


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