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Instructors (師範 & 先生) 

Bruce Kanegai.jpg
Bruce Kanegai, Shihan
(Master Instructor) Simi Valley Dojo


Bruce Kanegai, Godan, began his karate practice in 1965 in Los Angles.  Bruce was taught by Waseda Senior Mr. Tsutomu Ohshima, and awarded the rank of Godan (fifth degree Black Belt).  Bruce has had the privilege of practicing karate with Sadaharu Honda and Caylor Adkins.

Bruce has many accomplishments as a High School Teacher, Contestant on "Survivor", Eagle Scout, and many, many more.

Bruce has taught Karate for over 55 years, and continues to pursue Budo Karate.


Bruce established Simi Valley Karate in California and is an affiliate of Mumon Shotokan, LLC. and active contributor in the conveyance of Shotokan-style karate.

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