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Instructors (師範 & 先生) 

Ken Maxwell


Ken is the leader of the Elkins West Virginia. Dojo


Ken started in Shotokan in 1986 in Cincinnati, OH at the age of 8 when influenced by movies such as "Enter the Dragon," "The Karate Kid" &  "American Ninja."


Ken practiced on and off over the years and joined SKA in 2008.  Instructor Chris Casto of the Elkins, West Virginia dojo was his primary instructor.


Ken met Mr. Sadaharu Honda as a white belt when he would travel to Pittsburgh with Sandan Greg Wyatt.


Ken was awarded Shodan in 2015 via SKA (graded by Mr. John Teramoto). 

Nidan (2017), Sandan (2019) and Yodan (2022) have been via Mr. Honda/Mumon.


He is an avid student of Zen philosophy which has heavily influenced my martial arts pursuit of Budo.

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