Honorary Founder of Mumon

In Memorium of Matsuo Shibuya

January 8th, 2021 age 96

Senior Matsuo Shibuya was the honorary founder of Mumon Karate. A strong supporter of Mr. Honda and advisor since 1957. Caylor Adkins began practicing judo in 1957. When he witnessed the first official demonstration of karate to the American public given by Mr. Tsutomu Ohshima at the 1957 Nisei Week Exhibition and Tournament. Mr. Adkins started to practice Karate in October 1957 and under the direction of Mr. Ohshima. A very serious practitioner, he was one of six members to be awarded the rank of shodan (first degree black belt) in 1959 at first dan test in SKA.


During his early Shotokan karate training, Mr. Adkins attended California State University, Long Beach in 1961 and formed the school’s first karate club. CSULB Shotokan Karate Club became the second university karate club to be established in the United States. However, the club dissolved in one semester. That same year, Caylor traveled to Japan to study karate at Waseda University. At Waseda University, Caylor met and trained with senior and captain Sadaharu Honda.  Upon his return, he opened his Long Beach dojo with John Ogden’s Judo dojo.

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Okinawa Masters visit Shibuya Ohshima Ho