Mumon translated from Japanese means "no gate".   We took this name to signify that we are open to continuous learning and growth in Karate as we pursue Budo, "the way".


Mumon was established to offer greater opportunity to those practicing Shotokan-style Karate by:

  • Bringing together high level instructors worldwide

  • Organizing subject matter expertise

  • Establishing a structured curriculum

  • Enabling collaboration through the use of technology

Shihan - Expert Instructors
Honda, Sadaharu

Saiko Shihan - Chief Instructor


Mr. Honda is a 5th degree Black belt. Sadaharu is responsible for the direction and content of the Mumon organization.

Bob Bakos

Shihan - Instructor


Mr. Bakos is a 5th Degree Black belt and has been practicing since 1971. Bob is responsible for the organization, instructor certification, and student progression.

Paul Kovacs Ph.D.

Shihan - Instructor


Dr. Kovacs is a 5th Degree Black belt and has practiced Karate since 1972. He is reponsible for Mumon Shotokan's Curriculum and Instructor Syllabus.