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Instructors (師範 & 先生) 

Bob Bakos Mumon Shotokan Karate
Bob Bakos, Shihan
(Master Instructor)


Bob Bakos, Godan, began his karate practice as a student at the University of Pittsburgh in 1971.  Bob was privileged to train directly under sensei Sadaharu Honda. 


Waseda Senior Mr. Tsutomu Ohshima awarded Bob the rank of Godan (fifth degree Black Belt) in August, 2006, at “Unity” – the 50th Anniversary of Shotokan Karate of America. 

Bob taught karate-do to college students at the California University of Pennsylvania. He currently assists long-time black belt friends in teaching students and other interested individuals at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Bob attributes much of his philosophy and understanding to his karate students and teachers from which he learned so much over his lifetime.


Bob is the President of Mumon Shotokan, LLC. and active contributor in the conveyance of Shotokan-style karate.

Paul Kovacs Mumon Shotokan Karate
Dr. Paul Kovacs, Shihan
(Master Instructor)


Dr. Paul Kovacs, Godan, began his karate practice in 1972 as a student at California University of Pennsylvania training with a Japan Karate Association club in Uniontown Pennsylvania.


In 1974, Paul began graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh and began training directly under Mr. Sadaharu Honda. Paul was chief instructor of the University of Pittsburgh karate club from 1981 until 1995.


Senior Mr. Tsutomu Ohshima awarded Paul his Shodan (1st Degree) Nidan (2nd Degree) and Sandan (3rd degree) ranks.  Paul was awarded his Yodan (4th Degree) and Godan (5th Degree) ranks from Sadaharu Honda and Caylor Adkins.

Dr. Kovacs is a Professor of Computer and Information Systems at Robert Morris University. As a professor/educator of CIS, Paul is deeply involved in the compilation of Mumon efforts to expand access to subject matter expertise. Dr. Kovacs is also responsible for the karate program at the Mt. Lebanon recreation center in Pittsburgh PA.

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