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Kata Critique

It is important to learn from other Masters. Master Funakoshi was reluctant to publish Kyohan due to the limitations of the written word. He encouraged his students, including his own kids to learn from his Masters and other Masters. In today's era we are able to leverage techonology to become more efficient with our time; no longer needing to travel to interface with others.

Mumon Shotokan offers the first of several opportunities to get direct feedback from Master Level Instructors. Through Kata Critique, all you have to do is record yourself doing your Kata, upload it to our private non-public server, and the Masters will convene to discuss your kata. Once they have compiled their thoughts, you can choose teleconference or Skype to discuss their thoughts, your questions, areas of improvement, interpretation, and what to practice. 

Once you've practiced, you can then submit a new video for review.

The charges for this service are used to support technology and

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